Beautiful area, cute shops, friendly staff, and a good array of items can be found at this pop-up mall that is so lovely and colorful that it brings life to the area. This street is filled with places to visit.

The concept of a pedestrian mall in Cashel and High Streets was first developed in the 1965 central city redevelopment study comprising two sections of Cashel Street plus the Bridge of Remembrance and one section of High Street.

Cashel Street Pop up Mall photoPhoto by sheilaellen

Parking is easy as there are many “pop-up” car parks occupying the sites of missing buildings.
After strolling down the funky Cashel Street Mall, sea container shops, street theatre, buskers, and market stalls lead the way to Cathedral Square and the rest of the shattered CBD.

The September 2010 Canterbury earthquake caused damage to some buildings, but the Boxing Day aftershock, directly underneath the city, caused even more damage, including building failures. Start mall has become such a familiar fixture in post-earthquake Christchurch and even a tourist attraction.

Cashel Street Pop up Mall photoPhoto by sheilaellen

It was announced in April 2011 that part of Cashel Street was to reopen on Oct. 29 that same year. Christchurch’s remaining department store and retail anchor also reopened with Prime Minister John Key officiating the opening ceremony.
The openings mark the completion of the second and final stage of the $140-million BNZ Centre.

There are approximately seven structures at the City Mall that are or were registered as historic places by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

It is wonderful what the Council and shopkeepers have done to restart the mall after the terrible earthquake. A great place to look at.

Buildings and restaurants built into shipping crates? It’s an odd tactic but it works. It gives a unique look at the city center.

One can only have the greatest admiration for the shop owners for getting back to business. The shops are different from the usual city center ones but then so is the center of Christchurch. Cashel is attractively laid out and the shops provide a good range despite being restricted of space.

Cashel Street Pop up Mall photoPhoto by clhendricksbc

It’s hard to comprehend the impact of this earthquake. The evidence is still all around Christchurch and beyond, but the pop-up and container shops have helped business owners to keep their businesses running, which is why it is definitely strolling along Cashel Street in awe of those who keep going despite what they have been through.

Cashel Street certainly lets you know that human nature is resilient as pop-ups, in the form of containers and other shops, open for business.


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