The Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre) in Buenos Aires is touted one of the best opera houses in the world, alongside Milán’s La Scala, Paris ’ Opera Garnier, and London ’s Royal Opera House. This renowned structure is not only popular for its acoustics, but it’s also known for its architecture.

The Colón initially operated in its first venue in 1857 to 1888 but the building had to close for the construction of a new house. On May 25, 1908, the new house opened with a performance of Aïda. Since then, the Colón renewed its repertoire annually or by stagione.

Teatro Colon photoPhoto by Roger Schultz

Teatro Colon has since been able to set up whole productions on its own because of the professionalism of its specialized stagecraft staff. It has enjoyed many famous singers, composers, and dancers, and it offers a mix of opera, ballet, concerts, and special events.

It is ideal to buy tickets in advance through Teatro Colon’s website at this address:, although it is in Spanish.

Teatro Colon’s Permanent Ballet Company

Teatro Colón’s Permanent Ballet company was born from the 19th-century need, awakened by countless foreign companies that had performed in the city, in Buenos Aires for national artists to quench the thirst for ballet. The company made its debut in 1925.

Teatro Colon photoPhoto by K.B.L. Luccia

Teatro Colon’s Permanent Choir

Teatro Colón’s Permanent Choir, which participates in vocal-symphonic concerts, was created in 1925 as well. Achille Consoli and César Stiattesi conducted the first season.

To become one of the members of the Permanent Choir, they must demonstrate vocal and artistic excellence. Apart from being proficient in singing, they must be trained actors since the directors nowadays are creating productions that are increasingly more visually and theatrically challenging.

Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra

Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra’s repertoire includes a wide range of musical languages and expressions, and its program includes Argentinian music as well as works by composers from other countries and eras.

Permanent Orchestra

Teatro Colón’s Permanent Orchestra is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in Argentina. Throughout its successful history, it has been the backbone of the lyrical seasons and has performed in the Permanent Ballet’s productions.

Experimentation Center

The Experimentation Center is part of an immense and active production structure. The theater must make use of it as many ways as possible, such as for building sets, lighting, and creating wardrobes. Above all, the Center’s essential productive capacity must be exploited by creating original plays.

Teatro Colon photoPhoto by Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Colón Contemporáneo

Colón Contemporáneo is a program aimed specifically toward the production of large, important concerts in terms of artistic production. It is exclusively focused on contemporary music and the different areas of musical theater and drama. The program strives to give value and recognition to the world’s contemporary music scene by promoting reflection and narrowing the gap between Argentina and the rest of the world. This was done by reducing the lapse of time between the composition of contemporary work and its subsequent performance in the country.

Teatro Colon’s Guided tours

Want to know more about the building’s design, who’s performed there, what life is like backstage, and why one Argentine president once booked every seat in the house? Then go along for a guided tour any day of the week.

Guided tours of the Teatro Colón are available Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.



Address: Cerrito 628
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
República Argentina




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