If you have a passion for wonderful tasting cuisine and you would love to learn how to prepare different dishes with passionate people, then Co. Cos Culinary School & Catering is definitely the place for you. Have fun while your cooking and learn many techniques you can’t wait to bring back home with you. The courses they offer are a hands-on three-course meal, hands-on one-course meal or two appetizers, cook for your partner, and courses for making the best cocktails!

Co.Cos started operations in 2009 in Monterrey City, with the initial focus on Thai cuisine. Eventually, the menu evolved and they integrated Asian and European fusion cuisine. Nowadays, they offer hands-on courses on traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine and European and Asian cuisine.

Co. Cos Culinary School & Catering photoPhoto by edinthekitchen

Co.Cos Culinary School provides a good place in Playa Del Carmen in learning the intricacy of preparing various kinds of cuisine. It is not only about teaching you how to cook. The school also prepares food for you to take home and provides catering and chef services.

In addition to the cooking, the classes are also a great cultural learning experience in Mexico. You will learn about the varieties of chiles, the difference between tequila and mezcal, and a lot more! Be sure to be prepared to eat and drink, and if you don’t want to do the cooking, they also have a dining guest option available.


This hands-on cooking experience that will run for about 4 to 5 hours will teach you how to prepare a Mexican 3-course menu.


This is the shorter version of the Three-Course Meal class that will only take 2 to 3 hours. It will include tequila and mezcal tasting.


This is perfect for couples on vacation. If you like cooking and your partner doesn’t, here’s the chance to cook for your loved one!


Though it’s a 3-hour learning experience, the cocktail and appetizer course is totally worth it.

Co.Cos Culinary School & Catering State-of-the-art Kitchen

This is a very hands-on experience and you will love it! Most of the ingredients are prepared in advance by a chef to the mise en place level, with some key final ingredients left for each attendee to prepare. You will also get to share with other travelers a delicious meal. That’s not all, the kitchen/cooking area is stunning.

The classes are held in the most gorgeous brand-new, modern, and spacious kitchen facility in the Aldea Thai condo building (ground floor) on 28 St. between 1st Ave. and Mamitas Beach. All classes are fully “hands-on,” you cook in teams of two and the end product is your reward!


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