Bel Air Animal Park is an amusement park and animal sanctuary, located on the Mayan Riviera where a group of professionals works hard for the care, preservation, and conservation of wild fauna and flora, receiving hundreds of families who like wildlife and aquatic activities promoting a harmonious coexistence between nature and our visitors.

The park has 170 species of animals. It also boasts of the ecological trails, an aviary, vermiculture, and pools. Furthermore, it offers Playa Del Carmen excursions with a group guide, something that will surely make your stroll through the varied flora a fun and exciting one.

The mangrove and natural flora and fauna of the place have been specially treated to preserve them. The native and exotic fauna aren’t left in the dark as these are given much attention, too.

Bel Air Animal Park photoPhoto by kaytronika

Animal Park

Bel Air Animal Park hosts more than 350 animals of different species including mammals, birds, and reptiles, and hundreds of endemic animals that surround the park’s natural facilities.

Experience an interactive walk, where kangaroos, deer, ostriches, capybaras, and Patagonian hares will approach you. The giant dome that surrounds the aviary protects and gives freedom to the numbers of birds that live here. You can also see African turtles and ancient crocodiles in their own habitat.

Water Activities at Bel Air Animal Park

The Great Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest reef in the world can be explored by scuba diving. Snorkeling is another way to explore this magical underwater world. Individual kayaks or in pairs are a great way to explore the surrounding mangroves and jungle landscapes to feel in touch with nature. Bel Air Animal Park has an impressive and natural Estero — the union of fresh and salt water that makes it up is home to a family of wild manatees and hundreds of endemic species.

Lifeguard guides teach the proper way to use water equipment. They are available at all times to ensure your safety during your exploration.

Pool and Services of Bel Air Animal Park

Have a great time going swimming in all the magnificent pools and slides because everything is designed for you to have an awesome experience. During summer, choose from a variety of healthy salads, sandwiches, and snacks. Drinks include a selection of flavored iced teas and specialty drinks.

For your convenience, there are sodas, health services, expert guides, picnic areas, and a lot more. Your family can have fun in this great adventure in all the facilities and spots, including pools, lobby, restaurants, cenotes, trails, enclosures, solarium by the sea, and a spa.

Park Packages at Bel Air Animal Park

Paquete Basico

• Entry
• Zoo visit
• Tour of ecological trails
• Animal show
• Interaction farm
• Cenotes visit
• Swimming pools
• Towel service

Paquete Plus

• Zoo visit
• Animal show
• Interaction farm
• Tour of ecological trails
• Swim in an estuary where a family of wild manatees lives to observe them
• Unlimited food and drinks throughout your stay
• Swimming pools
• Snorkeling
• Kayaking
• Cenotes visit

Environmental Orientation Program

All the people who enter Bel Air Animal Park will have a tour assisted by a professional, who will explain all the characteristics of the different species as well as these creatures’ importance in the balance of the ecosystem.

After attending the workshops, visitors are directed to the show area where respect towards animals are promoted through exhibitions and shows.


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