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Playa Del Carmen’s Aloha Paddle Club is everything about stand-up paddle-boarding (also known as SUP). The club has packages that include everything you might need for an exciting day. Although it’s called stand-up paddle, you can also sit on your legs and paddle, and maintain good rhythm and control.

You can learn the fastest growing water sport in the world right in the center of Playa. Paddleboard rentals (also on location), classes, and tours, as well as SUP Yoga, are available for those interested. Visit the scenic place for an amazing and fun time spent on the Caribbean Sea. There will be free lessons with paddleboard rentals. Best equipment and best price in Playa del Carmen can be found at this club.

History of Aloha Paddle Club

In 2015, two guys who are fond of stand-up paddle-boarding decided to start the Aloha Paddle Club. They wanted their friends and other paddleboard enthusiasts to have a common place to enjoy the ocean and at the same time enjoy the sport without having to purchase the equipment.

Aloha Paddle Club photoPhoto by Kayaker Bill

With the sea, you never know what will happen. But one thing is sure, you will always have fun in this club! If you are on vacation, it’s definitely a must-try because you will enjoy a nice moment by the sea in Playa Del Carmen. If you like water sports, give them a ring.

You won’t be disappointed. The owner is very accommodating and will schedule a lesson with you on the same day. This club is located on the beach between Calle 4 and Calle 6 at the Inti Centro Holistic Beach Club. Sander Claassens, one of its founders, is kind enough to allow you to join them for a 7:30 class on a beautiful morning.

Stand-up paddleboarding is fun and a great activity for the whole family! Try the Caribbean stand-up paddle tour with instruction, guide, and photos included. They can teach on location, give SUP Yoga classes, and deliver paddleboards to rent for one or more days.

Anything you need to learn or do this amazing water sport, Aloha Paddle Club is the place to be! Whether it is your first time or you’re already an experienced paddle-boarder this will truly be a magical experience.


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