The famous Tower of London is a Fortress and a castle packed with history, it is situated in central London, north of the River Thames. Lying along the Borough of Tower Hamlets, it was divided from the border of London’s square part by the space. It was established towards the end of 1066 by Norman Conquests of England. The Tower was a sign of oppression, built by William the Conqueror in 1078. Now it gave its title to the castle, it is dependent on the ruling elite in London. Once it was a prison, out of 1100 Ranulf Flambard before 1952 by Kray twins, though that was only an incidental intent. Through the years it functioned as a residence. The Tower is a mix of buildings placed within the two concentric rings of defensive walls, also a moat. Under Henry III, Edward I and Kings Richard the Lionheart, in the 12th -13th centuries. The overall layout established from the 13th century stays despite several activities on the site.

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The Tower of London is a historical structure. Unfortunately it was besieged many times, and commanding it has been significant in controlling the nation. It has served as an armory a menagerie, the Royal Mint’s home, a public recording office, and the place of the Crown Jewels of England. Since Charles II’s reign, in the early 14th century until now, a procession can be witnesses in Westminster Abbey about a monarch’s coronation. When the monarch is not around for some urgent matters, then it is now the Constable of the Tower that is in charge of the castle. This was an influential, at the same time reliable position during that period. Before, the castle functioned as the prison of the Princes. The Tower became very different under the Tudors. Efforts are made to fix and to refortify the castle, strengthen its defenses that have been handle artillery.

The Tower began as a wood and stone enclosure. The addition of a ditch and palisade across the west and north sides completed the initial structure. Within this enclosure, there was a rock structure constructed. This stone building came to be known as The Great Tower.

The Tower of London was inhabited by some unwanted guests: Ravens. These are flightless birds, their wings have been clipped so they are not able to fly. This came from a belief that while under Charles II that if there are no more ravens at the Tower both the Commonwealth of England and the White Tower will fall.

The Tower was constructed for England’s monarchs. Kings and queens constructed upon the Tower over time, including walls and smaller tower and ultimately encompassing the whole complex fed by the River Thames.

There were odds including financial struggles. The great Historic Royal Palaces have set in place measures to make sure that the Tower of London is shielded, interpreted and conserved with its crucial objectives. These steps incorporate conservation plans, guaranteed and financed according to conservation requirements, and maintenance programs. Tips for the tourists to experience the Historic Royal Palaces, This is also helping everyone discover and explore their palaces’ stories — and also are subject to strict analysis. All programs are regularly reviewed and monitored.

Most tourists say that the Tower of London’s high admission rates and long lines for the admission is surely worth every penny. Several people strongly recommend attending the tour. This tall Tower of London is open on Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., but on Sundays and Mondays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., It closes an hour before in November to February. Tickets for adults cost 24.80 lbs (roughly $32.75) and entrance for people younger than 16 prices 11.50 pounds (roughly $15.20). Kids younger than 5 are free of admission. If you would like to save a little cash, purchase your tickets on the Tower of London’s website. You’ll find the Tower of London off the Tower Hill Tube stop.


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