Tower Bridge, opened in 1894, it has turned into one of the most famous in the world. Since the second half of the 19th century, a fresh crossing was built by commercial developers in the capital’s East End: journey throug the river used to be delayed for hours. A bascule bridge, which used a counterweight to lift the central part to clear the waters, then solved the problem of shipping being cut off by the Pool of London port.

Inside the Tower Bridge Exhibition, you will learn the history behind its construction and all about the world’s most famous bridge works.

Enjoy the views from the pathways situated 45 meters above the Thames and visit the original engines.

In addition to seeing the first hydraulics and steam motors that expanded the bridge (today the hydraulics are powered by oil and electricity), you might see it opening. Time schedules are posted in the ticket office. The high-level walkways, designed when the bascules were increased, so people could cross – became famous since the late 19th century for their breathtaking views. An exhibition inside conveys the bridge’s history, with anecdotes about a bus caught up. The bridge is a must-see for any tourist visiting London, England.

Entrance fee includes the viewing of the engines and pathways, as well as an exhibition which honors the greatest feats of engineering when it comes to international bridge design. You will also have the chance to appreciate the artistic features of the place as you descend the staircase.

Tower Bridge photoPhoto by apasciuto

You can find a bird’s eye view of this bridge being lifted, thanks to the hugely popularized glass walkway. The walkway spans to the top of the bridge’s towers so you can look straight down and see the river, in addition to the bascules lifting and boats below. In case your legs don’t turn to jelly.

It’s a lot easier to find the road to the Tower Bridge. The lifting is done in order to allow the big vessels beneath the bridge to pass. The ‘bridge lift’ is not as simple as it looks, you need to book in advance to avail of the lift. In addition, the road is shut, and the 2 halves or called the bascules are raised. Try looking for some comfy spot near the GLA Building or along the north side facing the Tower of London. Don’t blink an eye and see the magic unfold before you.

In peak hours or through bridge lifts it’s not easy to ensure what time you’ll be able to get into the paths along the bridge. The services of raising Tower Bridge’s two bascules is fortunately free of charge. It is controlled and operated every day, from sunset til dawn, by the City of London Corporation. On an average rate, the Tower Bridge raising reaches about 850 times a year, so the next time you are walking near, wait and see exactly what happens here.

Nowadays, the bridge is electrically powered, it is fully operational and gives way to several huge vessels to and fro. Summer is the busiest time for the bridge as it is raised more like a thousand times a year and about 10 times a day. Check out the Exhibition site for the best time to witness this magical view.

Opened: 30 June 1894
Height: 65 m
Location: London Borough of Tower Hamlets


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