Portobello is actually filled with several niches in a single Saturday, being the day when all are at full swing. Then it’s likely to experience a mile of vitality, color, and hustle. The features of Saturday stalls are introduced by hundreds of specialty and antique shops. There are several talented and eccentric street performers to be spotted there.

The market area is packed with retailers of all kinds (over 1,000) selling a variety of common flea market exquisite antiques, arts, accessories and jewelry, fashionable clothes, and food. When you go to the famous Portobello Market, you can see its own collection of antiques with high-quality English products aside from its jolly and busy location. Walk a few more blocks and find a store with scores of tea sets London souvenirs and various Banksy recreations.

Antiques Market

Closest to Notting Hill tube station, walk down past the Mews homes until you reach where Portobello Road is across the Chepstow Villas. Here is the start of the busy section. It carries on to Elgin Crescent down Portobello Road for approximately half a mile. This might not seem far but it can take ages to walk along with the Saturday crowds. And with hundreds of market stalls, arcades, and shops to see, you can devote a fair few hours here strolling and making some good bargain. Additionally, there are cafes and restaurants revel in to stop by. Expect to find a variety of antiques and crafts from all over the world dating from Roman times to the 1960s.

Fruit and Vegetable Market

If you continue down Portobello Road (it’s a hill) you’ll come to the vegetable and fruit market stalls. It is refreshing and lovely to get some fruits although the community is mostly served by these. These market stalls end where Portobello Road is crossed by Talbot Road.

Secondhand / Flea Market

Under the Westway, you’ll discover jewelry sets, secondhand clothes, books, and DVD’s of songs. It’s well worth checking out if you like a good deal, although it may seem somewhat run-down at the end of this road. Friday is clothing and homewares day, Saturday is a classic designer and arts & crafts while Sunday is a flea market that for general merchandise. Where there are more deals to find on Fridays and the 15th, continue onto Golborne Road where more await you.

Why pay a visit

The range of shops here will help keep you entertained for hours searching for your London memorabilia that are unique and ready to take home, also Portobello street offers food and drinks, as well as the notable views of the historic Electric Cinema and numerous gems and jewelry.

Visitors adored Portobello Market because of the vibrant atmosphere, a wide selection of food stalls that were inexpensive and unique bulk of items. Some are urged due to many function global fares, exceptional British restaurants, and other merchandise-filled stalls. Others advise visitors to pay attention to their own belongings. Portobello Market is not just crowded but a luring ground for pickpockets to strike anytime.


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