St. Paul’s Cathedral has witnessed the rise and fall of Venice history. The church was erected by King Ethelbert of Kent who was then Bishop of London , now it has five churches in the area and the church’s construction dates back to 604 AD.

The cathedral has endured several untoward incidents specifically two fires that happened in 1087 and in 1962. Each time the church was destroyed, it gets rebuilt and expanded. Now, it is one of the largest cathedrals in the whole of Europe.

Step into St Paul’s and enjoy the cathedral’s awe-inspiring interior. Make the most of a touch-screen multimedia guide or join a guided tour to explore this mythical building, both included with the entry charge.

Venture down to the crypt and discover memorials and the tombs of some of the nation’s greatest heroes like Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. Visit Oculus.

The sidestepping Luftwaffe incendiary bombs which were famous because of the ‘Second Great Fire of London’ has been a symbol its resilience in the Blitz period. Proceed north and be able to catch a glimpse at the monument to London’s people. This was built in commemoration of the 32,000 murdered Londoners.

The Second largest dome cathedral has about 68m floor. Built on eight elegant columns, it has three parts including a lead dome, a plastered brick dome, and a brick cone to complete it. Try talking with a friend near its walls, you’ll be surprised to realize your voice reaches the opposite side about 32m away, it is the magic of the Whispering Gallery. The Stone Gallery is about 119 steps to the exterior, there above it is the Golden Gallery. The Cathedral has undergone more or less 40 times of repairs, that’s why it looks flawlessly spectacular.
There were countless challenges that the designer Sir Christopher Wren has overcome before a revolutionary architecture was completed.

Is there free admission?

The Masses are scheduled and are open to the public. Catch a glimpse of the amazing interior design of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Take a comfy seat in a 5:00 o’clock mass on weekdays. Try to get there about 15 mins. earlier to avoid a crowd of churchgoers.

Do you want to see the details and decors of the cathedral up close? Then book a tour online. The admission fee is only 16.00 pounds for an adult. This rate includes tours, as well as the multimedia and audio guides.

Important Events

The church was the site of a number of historical events like Winston Churchill’s funeral of in 1965 and Admiral Nelson at 1806 and the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles in 1981.

Opening Times:

The cathedral is open to sight-seers from Monday to Saturday between 08:30 – 16:30 (last admission 16:00). Please check the website for any modifications to this program as there are closures throughout the entire year when hosting special services and events.

Address: St. Paul’s Churchyard
Phone: +44 20 7246 8350
Website: St. Paul’s Cathedral


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