Oxford Street is found in the western part of Britain. It’s the busiest street in England with more than 300 department stores crowding the streets. Leading brands set stores in Selfridges–the historical department store that will make you feel comfortable and provide you with almost anything you need.

Oxford Street photoPhoto by Giulio Jiang

Oxford Street was called Tyburn Road.

It used to be the place where prisoners are moved to Marble Arch where they were to be hung. Prisoners travel from Newgate Prison to the Tyburn tree.

It is home to several of the world’s biggest department stores — and yet there’s a lot more than shops that stretch along the street to capture your attention.

After a long day of shopping, you may get some rest from the hustle and bustle and head to St. Christopher’s Place. You’ll surely see some refreshing cafés and pubs all within the street, offering also some exciting mix of boutique shops which has exceptional quality clothes and fashion items.

Check out this Selfridges’ authentic flagship store. You can enjoy shoping with its assorted merchandise and it also offers several shops and facilities for fun and entertaionment.

Topshop’s flagship is the trending destination on the British high street and the world’s biggest fashion shop attracting around 200,000 shoppers weekly from teenagers to their 40s looking for some amazing stuff.

Oxford Street photoPhoto by HHA124L

Oxford Street is an array of shops, boutique, and stores of different luxury brands — a location where you will find anything you’re looking for.

Oxford Street is your first choice if you want to go shopping in Britain. There’s wonderfully unlimited range of products that you can find here. Some goods from the top Italian brands are available here. Burberry, one of the top stylistic brand is among the several famous brands here.

The Oxford Circus tube is also a place for busy-running stores and shops, it’s an ideal stop for shoppers. Just get off at Tottenham Court Road tube and stroll down the Bond St. tube or Marble Arch.

Walking on Oxford Street, instead of having a trip to some well-known university, you may find yourself at some hundred-year-old boutiques. The long and wonderful history of this place is engraved in its architecture.

Pickpockets are anywhere Oxford Street. Keep your bags zipped and close to you, I recommend using some durable backpack or rucksack. Don’t keep your wallet or phone in the pocket of your jeans. Do not conspicuously walk across the road on an expensive phone — a thief may pop up and just disappear in the crowd after a grab-and-run. In busy shops, if you try on a pair of sneakers, never leave your bags unattended or out of your sight.

Oxford Street is busier than other places in London during the wee hours. Most shops are open until 8:00 pm Mon-Sat, and on Thursdays when most are open until 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm.


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