Hyde Park is the biggest among four Royal Parks located in Central Europe. It forms a chain from the Kensington Gardens, through the Corner of Hyde Park and Green Park. Beyond the Buckingham Palace’s main entrance. The Serpentine and Long Water divide the park.

The park was established in 1536 during the time of Henry VIII and it was park was originally a hunting ground. It became popular due to the colorful May Day parades. The park opened in 1637 to the public. Improvements occurred under the management of Queen Caroline from the 18th century. Hyde Park is host to several duels that time. Among the most significant is The Great Exhibition in 1851.

Hyde Park is perhaps the most famous park in London , and it’s one of the best and most beautiful. The park has historical significance, having hosted a range of demonstrations and protests.

The famous Speaker’s Corner of the park is still occupied by performance artists and debates and protests are held there weekly. In the park are two bodies of water, the Serpentine, and the Long Water which are homes to memorial attributes. Here, you may visit a range of swans for paddle-boating.  Take a breath of fresh air in the middle of town. A must-visit.

Things to do when in Hyde Park

The park offers a wide array of food from a three-course meal to a hot cup of coffee. Hyde Park is the home of numerous monuments and buildings like The Serpentine Bridge, the Achilles statue, and the Joy of Life fountain. With open air events to the Diana Memorial Fountain during the year, you will have no time to waste there. If you like spending Sundays outdoors, head to the Speaker’s Corner and listen to London’s most blunt and vocal orators as they impart their arguments and views.

From March to October, try renting a rowboat to experience creeping round the Serpentine Lake. The Serpentine Lake divides Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens. During summer months, you can have a dip in the Serpentine swimming place.

Learn more about the memorials, of particular note would be the 7 July Memorial and the Holocaust Memorial. The park is also home to some whimsical statues like Broom Broom, the Drinking Horse and a family.

Hyde Park has anything you might wish for. Try their enjoyable sports events like tennis and make some friends playing soccer. You have a delicious meal and drink at the restaurant and pubs of the park. Bicycles and deck chairs are offered for rent. There is a driving service for those who are unable to walk and the park hosts an assortment of festivals during the summer season. In the winter , there are carnival rides. The have the much awaited Christmas markets and an ice skating rink at the Winter Wonderland.

Address: London, UK
Place: 142 ha
Hours: Open now · 5AM–12AM
Telephone: +44 300 061 2000
Management: The Royal Parks
Site: https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/hyde-park


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