Praia da Falesia is a 7 kilometer of stretch of sand in Algarve, Portugal. The absolute size of the shore and the laid-back atmosphere of this town contribute towards making this among the more tranquil corners of the Algarve, even though it’s well-served by many top-class golf courses, a smattering of pubs and restaurants and a number of accommodation complexes. Situated between the cities of Vilamoura and Albufeira its very long, magnificent beach and this quaint city are easily reachable by public transport. The sand banks have a gentle slope and there are plenty of amenities beach restaurants and lifeguards during the summer season.

Praia da Falesia is a popular spot in summer and is seen by lots of people, such as families with kids. TripAdvisor has considered it the ideal beach in Portugal at 2014 the greatest beach in Europe and also the best beach in Portugal. The shore is praised for its beauty and diversity. The rocks contrasting with dim skies and green pines make this one of the most memorable beaches in Portugal.

Falésia means cliff in Portuguese and also this beach is famous for its brightly colored cliffs that period kilometers. The colors vary from white to red and strikingly contrast with the blue water and green vegetation on the very top of the seas and into their grooves. The cliffs are gradually eroding away like the badlands and are made of clay and sand we have seen in the American West.

There is a trekking route, from this trail you will get spectacular views across the beach and the ocean. Take care when it rains because it may become slippery when the course get wet.


Restaurant, Parking, Shower, Water sports, Sunbeds, Bar/clubToilet, Lifeguards, and flag beach.

How to get there

Follow the Sheraton hotel signs when you run out of Albufeira. The beach is quite near the resort. On your GPS, you can enter: Rua da Falésia, Aldeia da Falésia, Olhos de Água, Albufeira

As you arrive on the parking (of the fundamental access) you can already walk somewhat over the shore of Praia da Falesia and watch the colorful features under you. This seems promising!

However be really careful, don’t get near the border, like I have seen other people do, and do not put up there. This is not the most stable type of rocks. Risk signs are everywhere.

You can make a shore walk of approximately 2 hours. About half of the beach towards the Albufeira area is shielded by orange and red coloured cliffs, with trees on the top. Praia da Falesia is more narrow in Albufeira than in Vilamoura. By low tide you may see some people amassing clams that were small, known as conquilhas, which will be a specialty. Praia da Falesia beach near Albufeira is renowned for its nightlife. The shore has just won an award being the best shore for nightlife in Portugal.

This city is found 18 kilometers west of Faro and its international airport, and 6 miles east of Albufeira. This hotel is found South-facing, on hilly terrain with pine woods leading down to beach.


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