A great example of a Polish Baroque structure, the Wilanów Palace has a mix of classic interiors and Oriental as well as of European art. The palace was built in the 17th century which was primarily the summer Royal residence of King John III Sobieski. He was considered as the greatest Polish monarch. The facade, as well as the interior of the palace, is lavishly decorated. Here, you will also find the Wilanów Park and other gardens with the Baroque and English-Chinese landscape in addition to a charming rose garden.

It was in 1805, that the palace was opened as the first museum at Wilanów Stanislaw Kostka Potocki. Now, the palace has a museum divided in two parts. Wander along the Polish Portrait Gallery filled with 16-19th-century portraits. There are several amazing and vivid portraits but you may be disappointed by some pieces without titles or captions.

The Wilanów (vee-lah-noof) palace stretches 6km south of Lazienki. King Jan III Sobieski, is the one who bought the property in 1677 and turned it into a stunning manor house in Italian Baroque villa called the ‘villa nuova’ where the king and other royalties spend their summer vacations. almost all the original furnishings in the palace were restored and preserved up to the present.

The Wilanów Royal house is admirable rich in collection artworks assembled for about three hundred decades. This gallery offers you theatrical spectacles, theatres, temporary thematic displays, and the amazing views of the Palace courtyard in summer.

Go downstairs and marvel at the beautifully adorned residential rooms, magnificent frescoes, Etruscan vases, and suits of armor. There are many things here that will interest you like the most impressive floor. You’ll be able to see the private rooms of King Jan III Sobieski and his spouse. You’ll surely have a wonderful time here but be sure to visit on summer season to avoid a crowd of school children having educational tours here.


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