The Zamek Królewski or the Royal Castle is a a very old structure dating back to the 14th century. First there was just a brick tower building but it was reconstructed until its present in 16th century. It was a short time after the reign of King Sigismund III or Zygmunt III that Warsaw was considered Poland’s capital in 1596. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, it is the residence of several royal families. Currently it has a gallery of of the Polish kings’ portraits and paintings collected by the last king, S. A. Poniatowski.

Prince Józef Poniatowski’s house will soon be opened to the public with a minimal admission fee. The house features a wide collection of paintings and his elegantly adorned bedroom.

In 1939, a part of the castle was ruined in the Second World War, later in 1944 rest of the castle were also ruined. You will be taken by the tour guide throughout the Kings’ flats and chambers, richly adorned with paintings of the renowned Polish king.

The Assembly Room or otherwise known as the Ballroom already existed since the reign of August III. It was later designed and decorated by Stanislaw August Poniatowski. It has spectacular mirrors, columns and many chandeliers.

The Granite Space is another room in the castle with a magnificent throne. It was constructed during the time of Stanislaw August Poniatowski adorned with a shining red and gold hues all over.

Check out this Marble Room built in the time of Wladyslaw IV with great portraits of Kings adding to the rooms amazing interior.

Another area to see is the Canaletto Room with paintings made by Bernardo Bellotto in the 18th century. His paintings were so detailed and the mix of colors created a vivid depiction of memorable events and people.

There’s also the Knight’s Room. It was furnished during Stanislaw August Poniatowski and the walls were specially coated with oil paintings and a stunning Statue of Chronos.

The Great Assembly Hall is one of the rooms adorned with classic and elegant decors and fixtures from antiques to beautiful paintings. It has been the place for royal meetings and gatherings throughout the reign of several royalties and aristocrats. The Royal Castle is the emblem of Warsaw, it is engraved with some of Poland’s historical events and still continues to amaze tourists not just in its architecture but also its hidden secrets and spooky legends of a haunting white lady.


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