Teatro La Fenice is one of the several Venice opera houses. It’s a prominent landmark in the Italian theater history, and of the opera as a whole. La Fenice specifically is a place for several famous premieres like the four bel canto era composers–Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, and Verdi–were staged.

The Phoenix, or titled La Fenice is an earlier opera house that got burned in 1774. As a saying goes, “history repeats itself”, the spectacular theatre was again turned to ashes as blamed to electrical malfunctions. Two electricians were then found guilty of the crime of arson. It was inconceivable that Venice lost its beautiful theater so a call for global contributions was made and there began a reconstruction in 2003.

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The Teatro La Fenice was caught up in two big fires through the history. Folks use to make jokes on the theater’s demise mentioning Theater of the Phoenix: the rising of the Phoenix.

It still has an Old World feel with decadent designed interiors outfitted with plush, red velvet chairs, making it the ideal setting to take in the auditory or the visual pleasure of a classic opera although repurposed. There’s also a number of ballet dances, and music performances that day tours provide.

People often appreciate the structure in La Fenice, saying that the manual provided by the tour was informative and interesting. Some stressed that future travelers should make sure that they see the theater from all angles (on the ground and beneath the boxes) throughout their trip. Those who attended a show weren’t frustrated, among a couple theatergoers had been a few of the best opera they had ever seen. The opening starts at 9:30 a.m. to 6 pm every day. Costs for excursions are 10 euros for adults (approximately $12) and 7 euros (roughly $8.40) for students 26 and younger.

Teatro La Fenice photoPhoto by aljuarez

Before watching a spectacle, take some opportunity to look up at the carvings of cherubs and the beautiful ceiling adorned with the dazzling chandeliers. Appreciate the rows of private boxes’ elaborate decor. Note the extensive leaf work. Select a tour of the theater for some low rates of admission. This includes areas and where the royal box is found.

Performances at La Fenice range from opera to orchestral concerts to ballet. The seasons for all these varieties, but it’s likely that there’ll be something good in store for you in Venice – check at the ticket window for ticket choices or reserve ahead of time via the La Fenice site. It is also possible to take a tour at the theater, which is open for tours from 9:30am-6pm (provided that it’s not in use).

Schedules of classical music performances, cinema, ballet, and chamber performances may be found if you go to the website of La Fenice Opera House. Double check the schedule that best suits your visit period. Tours are available in the morning and audio guides are also provided as well as the English-speaking manuals.

La Fenice Opera House is more or less just a single mile from Piazza San Marco. In case you use a car, just park it along the city at Piazzale Roma parking garages. If you want to go to the theater, take a ferry ride going to Santa Maria del Giglio.

San Marco 1983,
campo San Fantin
Area Venice
Shipping Vaporetto Giglio
Telephone 041 786 511


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