The gondola is a traditional rowing boat. Except it is narrower, it looks like a canoe. A gondolier propels the gondola with a rowing oar attached to its hull.

The gondolas of Venice . Can there be a more iconic emblem to entice lovely couples than these romantic boat rides through Venice’s numerous canals? Surely none.

Assorted types of gondola ships are also utilized in specific regattas (Pilates races) held among gondoliers. Their principal role today, however, would be to take couples and tourists on amazing rides for fixed rates. There are about 400 gondoliers with a variety of boats in Venice, there used to be thousands of them in the past decades but numbers began to drop. Gondolas are now crafts unlike the kinds of shabby homemade boats of the past.

There are only about 500 today although several hundred years ago, 10,000 gondolas were swarming the Venetian canals.

Gondola rides are undeniably romantic and enchanting, however, these can also be expensive but you should try it because the experience is always worth it.

Vaporetti is now the primary type of water transport in Venice while Venetians routinely employed gondolas, particularly among the upper classes.

There is a gondola level made of wood, measuring 11 meters long and weighing 600 kg constructed in squeri or a special workshop of which a few today is still in existence. Gondolas are observed in festival parades and in rowing or regate competitions.

Where to hire a gondola

Try to find gondolas in the main tourist areas where drivers park their cars in the Rialto Bridge. The Doge’s Palace is a landmark to know you’re finally there, it is an occupied pedestrian crossing across the secondary canals. Odds are, you are going to encounter guys who politely ask “Gondola?” as you wander past parked boats’ flotillas.

The best transport value of Venice is a public gondola ferry, the traghetto. Traghetti, on the other hand, is a private gondola, but you’ll be able to rent it for just $2 throughout the canals near St. Mark’s Square.


The best is yet to come! At the end of your journey, you will be left by your insider at a professional gondolier’s expert hands. Climb aboard a Venice gondola to get the most amazing half-hour trip. Enjoy exploring Venice as it’s supposed to be experienced best while afloat the waters!

Relax, unwind and experience the beauty of Venice. With no more than five additional people aboard (maximum number of 6) it is sure to be as dreamy as you’ve seen on TV or movies.

Gondola rides may cost you $80 but may vary depending on the season. Take a trip to Venice and be sure to include Gondola rides in your travel bucket list!


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