The Bridge of Sighs is located in Venice, northern Italy. It is primarily made of white limestone and comprises of windows made of rock bars. The Bridge of Sighs stretches from the Rio di Palazzo to the New Prison called the Prigioni Nuove and connects to Doge’s Palace’s interrogation rooms. Antonio Contino is the creator of its design, the funny thing is that it was also another Antonio, his uncle Antonio da Ponte who has previously designed the Rialto Bridge in 1600.

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The Bridge of Sighs is a real solution to a prevalent problem. In 1600, from the Doge’s Palace, there are numerous offenders who were moved to Venice’s prisons (in which it is still possible to find the previous ones around the Secret Itineraries Tour). It is found across a small canal. Before, the inmates who were able to give their confessions were sent into the prison or in some torture chambers.

Centuries before, the Bridge of Sighs has been used to transport prisoners. Legend has it, that the Bridge of Sighs, or Ponte des Sospiri in Italian, was appointed for its prisoners like Giacomo Casanova who would sigh and utter as they took one final look at the outside world through the bridge windows as they make their way to jail for good. On a lighter note, Venetian lore says if two lovers kiss during a gondola ride in the bridge, they will be awarded eternal bliss.

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Recent travelers give reviews on the Bridge of Sighs. Individuals who appreciated it valued the specifics of the architecture and placement of the bridge, saying it was a picture perfect view if gondolas pass beneath it. Those who were eloquent noticed its lack of accessibility. The traffic that was disgruntled blamed the number of tourists. Some advocated taking a tour which allows entry stating the circumstance gave a better appreciation of the attraction to them.


If you would like to see the interior of the Bridge of Sighs as, like Casanova, an older inmate have seen it from the inside, you need to take a tour to the Bridge of Sighs. That the Palace is also is open from 8:30 am. From November 1st to March 31st, the Palace is available from 8:30 am. It is closed on January 1st and December 25th. You need to book it beforehand if you want to take a Secret Itineraries tour. The Palace’s schedules change every year.


Many tourists say that Venice’s sunset is the best time to go for a stroll, it also has some romantic connotations to it. However, it is during the sunset when everybody goes out to the streets and go taking advantage of the romantic view. If you like flocking with the crowd then visit the Bridge of Sighs in the outside sunset. However, if you enjoy solitude, I highly suggest going in the morning. Remember that crowds always start in the afternoon onwards, you can enjoy a spacious and comfy walk in the morning and just enjoy the view of the bridge at night through your hotel overlooking the Bridge of Sighs.

Address: Piazza San Marco, 1, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy
Started: 1600
Opened: 1602
Province: Province of Venice
Telephone: +39 041 271 5911
Location: San Marco, Castello, Venice


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