The San Siro Stadium was a present by Piero Pirelli, former AC Milan president, to “his” hometown of Milan. The stadium was constructed through the efforts of 120 builders and was finished in thirteen-and-a-half months. The stadium, at the time, cost five million Lira.

The Stadium turned out to be small for the growing number of fans. Thus, the architect Stacchini was hired to design a new stadium.
The Stadio was officially opened on September 19, 1926, with a game between Milan and Inter. The stadium at first consisted of four individual stands that could accommodate thirty-five thousand spectators.

The San Siro Stadium also features the first museum in Italy within a stadium. The museum records one hundred years of soccer history. It displays a fascinating collection of memorabilia including medals, trophies, and other sports relics. If there are no soccer matches, you may want to experience a tour inside the La Scala del Calcio. The tour allows you exclusive access to parts of the stadium not accessible to the public. You can walk through the players’ tunnel and see the stadium from the players’ perspective. Before leaving though, you must stop by the San Siro Store and buy souvenirs and other merchandise.

Not only is the stadium a football arena, but it’s also been a venue for entertainment. Several world-famous artists, including Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed therein.

How to Get to the San Siro Stadium

There are two main ways to reach the Stadium. First, you can take the Metro to Lotto. Though you may encounter many fans, the walk should be an easy one. Go past the McDonald’s and take the Via Cabrillo past the line of trees across the Ippodromo’s edge. This path should take you to Curva Nord, near the end of the stadium.

The other way is to take tram number 16 right outside the Curva Sud. The tram runs from and through central Milan. Its stops include the Via Mazzini, the Missori, and Corso Magenta. Search for Direzione S. Siro / Axum.

Visiting the San Siro is a worthwhile experience to any soccer fan. Hope you’re lucky enough to be in Milan while there are matches.


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