Vrtba Garden or Vrtbovska Garden is said to be one of the most important and most beautiful gardens in Europe. You may have a hard time finding it as it is concealed behind an old gate. The more you get curious, the more you’ll be surprised by the beauty it seals. It was created in 1720 during the boom of constructions.

František Maxmilián Kanka is the one responsible for the restoration of the palace for Jan Josef. Later, the Count of Vrtba made the backyard and designed the garden. It’s one of the city gardens, but its unique architectural layout on an irregular style inclined the historic and artistic value.

The Vrtba Garden is a distinctive complex of flower beds and huge staircases that are adorned with statues of Roman gods and goddesses. The garden is defined by a slope that makes it appealing for another reason – the beautiful view of Lesser Town from the perspective of the backyard section.

Eight statues are placed in the walls and these serve as the division to the center and its upper terrace. You can go through it via a staircase with two wings. The sculptor Matthias Braun is the creator and designer of statues of ancient gods that is found here.

The terrace leads to no other than the Statue of Jupiter and Mars. In Vrtba Garden there is another stair that culminates in a little building decorated with the spectacular bas-reliefs of the water gods and has arches in front. Initially, the center of the arch has been adorned with a fresco.

Matyas Bernard Braun created the decoration of the garden. Václav Vavrinec Reiner also engaged in the work that became very successful. The decoration of the Sala Terrena was very well-maintained. The fresco on the vault is the job of Václav Vavrinec Reiner and signifying Adonis and Venus.

The garden also features exuberant and numerous statues of allegorical figures an attributes and superb views of the city. For a real treat, stand at the peak of the garden starting at 5:45 PM once the bells of the amazing St. Vitus Cathedral in the neighboring Prague Castle complex begin to chime.

The lowest level, overlooked by a beautiful garden room (the salla terrena) includes a pool, a parterre, and an aviary. It is totally secluded. From here, there ascends an axis at the top of the garden to an outlook terrace. The ascent takes place into the left and right of this axis by means of stairways that are baroque. The original planting design was known just from descriptions. The backyard is an intriguing example of the style, adapted to the needs of a tight urban website, as revived.

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