Seeing Prague from the Vltava river is an experience that is unique and offers a means to find the historical buildings and monuments. Frequently, cruises inside the town are competitively priced consisting of dinner or lunch depending on the time of day you choose to embark. Picking a cruise will make sure that you have enough time to enjoy the serenity in a number of the more silent riverbanks. This will be your escape from the hustle and bustle of Prague city center.

In some parts, the river flow is strong, so in addition to transporting goods and carrying people, the water has been utilized to industry and power mills. They tame the current and make it simpler to navigate. There’s a huge canal with eight dams and weirs built across the Slappy-Prague-Melník elongate.

The Vltava River flows through the countryside, passing the historic construction and the castle. At 434km in span, beginning from Bohemia. it is considered as the longest lake in the Czech Republic.

The surface of the river creates the bridges linking Smíchov together with the New Town and Holešovice with Liben, a visual parade of Hradcany and Vyšehrad. While lonely sailors could be observed in their ships in the early morning, people and steamboats on bicycle boats glide till fall. If you want to observe the atmosphere on the Vltava, take a stroll. In harvest season, you can go to the farmers market or visit pubs. During the winter you can jump on one of the boats that provide refreshing saunas.

Its course started by the Vltava in the southern part of this Prague, then proceeds directly to the northwest. Fall colors together with Hradcany on the left, From the center of Prague, between the New and Old City. It takes a turn back, making a hefty curve and in Troja, changes, and proceeds to the north. It´s interesting to take a look in the Vltava stream on the map. Close to the town of Melnik pours to a different river Labe. Or Labe pours into the Vltava? Officially not, however, Prague patriots look for confirmative facts.

Paddle boats on the lake, that’s Prague´s timeless attraction. I could hardly imagine anything more enchanting than hiring a paddle boat and wander around the islands. Slovanský Ostrov, it is the island where you can get paddle rides. It is situated right in the center near the National Theater.

It’s the ideal option from your tiring walk until 11 pm and these ships are outfitted with a lantern, but even more charming in the summertime.

This romantic holiday cruise is among the most delightful. Enjoy a cozy trip with a nice drink holding the hand of your special someone.

Try a cruise of the Vltava with a tour of the historical attractions of Prague, it might be the experience you’ve been looking for!


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