Franz Kafka was a German-speaking Jew who grew up in Prague but experienced being secluded from the city twice in his lifetime. This i9s because Czech’s city is filled with primarily anti-Semites. He spent the last two or three years of his life in Berlin . towards the conclusion of his lifetime. His life wasn’t as glorious as that of others, as he was shunned from the rest of Prague.

The Statue of Franz Kafka is located in the center of a busy shopping area in Prague. It depicted this writer’s head as the masterpiece by David Cerny. Made in 2014, the statue is made of 42 independently pushed steel layers, weighing a massive 45 tons. There are many sculptures and artworks in Prague that were inspired by this creation.

The statue is a marvel of modern technology with keen details. The kinetic art undergoes metamorphosis and changes; at times it is obviously a face, at times, it is not.

Franz Kafka photoPhoto by Martin Lopatka

The mirrored sculpture is quite like the statue entitled of David Cerný.

Kafka became the most prominent German-language author of all time for decades.
However, his original writings were scattered around the world. His works are revolutionary and continue to inspire most readers.

He is often described as “a rebellious combination of Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst”. “Piss” is about two gyrating, mechanical men, urinating over the map of the Czech Republic. Their pee spells the sayings from the Prague elders. It is situated next to the Franz Kafka museum. It’s a mock to the principle of art. “Kafka at Sun” is a more whimsical work. This art had inverted the writer’s real-world universe, making Kafka into a metallic god with a big, shiny sunlit head.

Kafka has been an influential image to the Czechs, may it be in the negative or positive note, he is a person that left a clear image in every citizen.


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