The most significant square of historical Prague. The joys of the old town square Prague make this town an amazing location. The Old Town Square is one of two main squares in Prague Wenceslas Square is the other one: just 5 minutes away by walking.

The reputation Prague has for being a popular venue for stag and hen parties is not just a hearsay. You’ll see groups of women and young men about town roaming but very seldom involved in trouble. They are just having a fantastic time and it’s safe because of the police presence.

Prague can be divided up into three chief areas – the castle, the old town, along with the town. Each deserves a post of its own. The town is easy to walk through so getting to each of these isn’t a problem. If you’re staying outside, the primary tourist tram system will be brilliant for you.

The town is a wonderful open source museum, which is best explored on foot with a good Prague travel guide.

Found in Prague’s Old Town Square is a statue of the religious reformer, Jan Hus. Hus was an important thinker, philosopher and religious reformer whose teachings were considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church at the moment. By burning at the stake in 1415, resulted to his execution and condemnation. It made him a martyr to the Protestants and also a crucial influence on Martin Luther King. Every July 6th, the Czech Republic celebrates Jan Hus Day and the statue of him in Old Town Square was erected to mark the 500th anniversary of his death.

The houses were constructed on the Old Town Square from the 13th and 12th century. A number of those houses that are currently consisting of Romanesque as well as Gothic influences in the foundation, carpeting or flooring. The Old Town Square, having been built before Tyn has been the center of economic and political of Prague Old Town.

Old Town Square is usually where the Coronation parades go through up to Prague Castle. Executions and other significant events happened there as well. The leader of poor Prague people, Jan Zelivsky was executed there in 1422, which caused great protests.

In the square, you will find the popular tourist attraction of the Astronomical Clock which dates from ten and two days. Here, you can see figures of the twelve apostles that appear each hour on the hour from 9 am to 9 pm in 2 side doors onto the clock tower’s wall. A skeleton rings a bell and a trumpet sounds call and thousands of people to witness this each time. It ends every hour together with all the tourist clapping the entire process.

You can even go up the clock tower to get views over the medieval Prague square up and over the lake into the castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral. The climb up the steps will help your bones and muscles, lifts are also available. You’ll find a close-up of the trumpeter if you go up the clock tower about the hour. You’ll also be able to look down all people down there clapping.

If you wish to have an overall experience of the Old Town Square, have a sip of their special hot coffee or a cool beer in the pavement cafés of your choice. If you seek for some adventures, I recommend climbing on top of the Old Town Hall Tower.


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