Josefov is the other name for the Jewish quarter. It is situated in the Vltava River and Town. In the 13th century, the Jews living in Prague were forced to leave their houses and were banished from the rest of the town. They were not allowed to live somewhere else and they were mixed with other Jews who lived in Europe. The city’s structure was changed after it was destroyed in the 19th century.

Few cities have better preserved Jewish Ghetto compared to Prague. Six synagogues consisting of a Jewish Town Hall, magical cemetery and the exceptional genius loci create Josefov in Prague. These places will surely amaze you as you explore the “Golden City”. Get to understand the history of Jews: traditions, habits, and stories, which rank among several of the most awful of the 20th century.

The ghetto’s walls fell in 1848 when the Jews joined in the demonstrations and finally achieved their freedom. They were then allowed to live in any of Prague’s territory. Czechs anti-Semitic protests and negative comments flooded. The Jews were granted equal rights and the freedom that they have long been deprived.

A Place with an Exceptional Charm

Old Jewish Cemetery is a series of gravestones, layered one on top of another. It is a quiet place with nothing but the rustling of branches and swaying leaves of trees. One of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world, there has been several layers to the graves but at present, there are about twelve layers already hovering over the others.

Maisel Synagogue

It is an original Renaissance building that was once destroyed by fire in 1689. A Neo-Gothic synagogue was later built after the fire that destroyed the first one.
There has been a compilation and collection of various artifacts dating from the Nazi’s period in order to build a museum in 1960.

Church of the Holy Ghost

It was built as a portion of a convent of nuns from the century. Unfortunately, the Hussite Wars caused its destruction and the fire resulted in its major reconstruction in 1689. The interior is furnished with primarily Baroque style. In front of the church stands a stone statue of St. John Nepomuk, St. Ann’s statue together with busts of St Adalbert and St Wenceslas.

Prague Jewish Museum

It is one of the oldest museums found in Europe. It has a unique structure including four synagogues namely: the Old Jewish Cemetery, archive and library, its own gallery, an educational center, and a Ceremonial Hall. several exhibitions and displays are set here including temporary and permanent ones.


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