Czech Cubism was a unique phase in the art history of Czech. This style was incorporated into paintings, sculptures, and other forms. Cubism also influenced other nations. This style was also depicted in the layout, furniture, design and other objects made by several artists. It then resulted in the birth of the Museum of Czech Cubism. It is found in the Cubist House of the Black Madonna in Prague Old Town.

Grand Café Orient is a department store serving only until 1922. It closed down because of the ongoing renovations to the building from 1993–1994 and finally re-opened in 2002.

There are about four floors above the Café dedicated to the Museum of Decorative Arts. The first two floors were devoted to the permanent exhibition of Czech Cubism. Starting May 2016, there were regular exhibitions available on the first floor. There is also the last floor which was intended for instructional programmes offered to schools and the general public.

This exposition directed at presenting Cubism as a comprehensive way of life and also touches on architecture (plans, projects, and photos), sculptures, painting, as well as utility arts. One of the exhibits, there is, for instance, the sofa from 1913 of Gocár. January 2002 the exposition closed in the House of the Black Madonna on the 30th of September 2012, Museum of Czech Cubism was re-opened after reconstruction on the 28th from the National Gallery.

The passers-by will be moved by the stunning facade of this eastern front face of the home when looking at this five-story stone building. The dominating balcony on the first floor, the pillars between the Doric-style windows or the entry portal giving the best viewpoints that the tourists can see. If you take a look at the house corner you can spot the small statue according to which the house is named. It is the statue of Madonna in black.

Cubist café in the House of the Black Madonna

The house’s interior is Cubist including the furniture and fixtures too. A cafe named Grand Cafe Orient was situated on the first floor. It had been mostly visited by artists. There were shops and offices above too. The shops and the cafe vanished after several years and banking institutions replaced them.

House of the Black Madonna photoPhoto by pixie_bebe

Museum of Czech Cubism

Czech Museum of Visual Arts placed a permanent exhibition of Czech Cubism there in 1994. The National Gallery in Prague made it the Museum of Czech Cubism and acquired the building.

Covering from the year 1910 to 1919, presents Cubism as a means of life: examples of paintings, sculptures, architecture, commercial art, and others. The Grand Cafe Orient that is rebuilt is opened again. It was constructed in line with sketches and the previous photos, which is all that’s left from those authentic ones.

Address: Czechia, Ovocný trh 569/19, 110 00 Staré Mesto
Opened: 1912
Hours: Open today · 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
Phone: +420 224 211 746
Function: Museum


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