There is a slow, yet consistent rise in the demand for Prague’s craft beers. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen several new specialty stores offering a variety of beer and the standard ones. Among the newest one on the list is Beer Geek on Slavíkova road.

There has been a constantly changing list of beers and it is according to the latest release in the breweries. There are 2 big screens displays available in the afternoon offering about 30 beers in one time. This includes lagers, light ales, and stouts of different strengths. The newest is the Danish’ Director’s Cut’ with 17% proof. Beer Geek is passionate and extremely knowledgeable, with paunches of commitments the coolest basement bar in town that will give you a taste of the finest beer ever existed.

Beer Geek photoPhoto by smallkaa

The modern pubs in Prague offer a variety of local beers too. Ranging from rare and vague labels to regular 32 taps in all. This ‘geek’ section extends to the most trendy and lab-like setting of the pub.

Beer Geek welcomes not just men but also women like Olga, who picks the beer depending on the mood or occasion. There is literally a beer for almost all occasions. Approximately 350 distinct kinds of beer are sold here coming from a number of countries like Belgium, Germany, the US, and the UK. There are also a collection of the best local beers.

A famous beer distributor’s area provides a thirty craft beers, like the regional favorites: Falkon, Antos, Matuska, Kout na Sumave and so forth. The place actually has a very nice ambiance and brings together beer lovers around the city. A newcomer is all welcomed by friendly bartenders and staff. Feel free to get in and join a drinking spree with your friends.

Pivotéka BeerGeek offers you more than 500 bottled beers. Beer Geek has the biggest collection of beers in Pragueranging from labels in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Poland and of course by the USA.

There are stores offering the widest range of beer ingredients for home brewing: foreign malt liquid hops and dry yeast, gear for avid brewers.

The Czech Republic conserve a vast majority of the shop is selling sterile beer. Most stem from individual breweries making their own version of craft beer of high alcohol content. There are also sections from Norway, generating dozens of varieties of beer.

Speech: Vinohradská 988/62, 130 00 Žižkov, Czechia
Hours: Open today · 3:00 PM–2:00 AM
Telephone: +420 776 827 068
Site: Beer Geek


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