The Sofia National Opera is considered the most prestigious theater in Bulgaria. It is the oldest opera house established in 1890. It was inspired from the West Europeans theater with producers, orchestral musicians, singers, ballet dancers, soloists, and many other artists who established different groups. There was a product made with varied performances from classical music to dance and ballet performances which lasted for a ten-month-season.

Sofia National Opera was graced by renowned artist, dancers, producers, and several talented performers. Some of these artists include Nicolai Ghiaurov, Nicola Ghiuselev, Ghena Dimitrova, and Anna Tomowa-Sintow who started their careers here. The National Opera is now adapting to contemporary styles and genre but still offers classic entertainment for all ages.

Sofia National Opera photoPhoto by Велислав

In the 1940s, the Opera house was featured as guests and appeared in Germany. The Sofia National Opera Theater has expanded and reached Europe, South America, Africa, and also Asia. There was a big production consisting of sixty classical as well as contemporary opera in addition to ballet performances.

The Boris Christoff International Competition for Young Opera Singers was hosted by the opera for more than 16 years in Sofia. The opera recorded several performances for big companies like Mega Music, MMO, and Sony, under Emil Tchakarov, Ivan Marinov, Rouslan Raychev, Nayden Todorov, as well as Boris Hinchev.

Sofia National Opera is an entertainment establishment offering various spectacular talents honed by prominent producers and mentors. There are world-class performances and productions to give you the best opera experience with your friends, family or special someone.


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