Located in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria is the Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The church was built with a mix of imported materials: Munich masonry, Berlin metal works and assembled in Vienna . All the materials were transported to Bulgaria to complete the cathedral.

In 1882 and 1912, the cathedral was built to commemorate the 200,000 soldiers of Russia who gave their lives for Bulgaria’s liberty in the Russo-Turkish War in 1877. This classic yet spectacular beauty of the cathedral is just worth a visit.

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral has an area of about 3,170 square meters that can accommodate a crowd of 10,000 people. Just imagine a crowd that big fitting into one church! It is now considered the top two biggest cathedrals in Bulgaria.

The Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral has a dome in a cross pattern. This huge basilica has a gold-plated dome and a tall bell tower which housed 12 bells of a massive 23 tons.

The Italian marbles adorned the awe-inspiring interior of the cathedral in Brazilian onyx and other colors. The Lord’s Prayer is found in the central dome with golden inscription around. The dome has multiple functions like capturing the sun rays to conserve energy.

Alexander Pomerantsev, a Russian architect built and designed this amazing church. It was also packed with wonderfully made mosaics and domes in Russia style. Some of its best features are incense-scented interior, murals, elaborate onyx, alabaster thrones, and pendulous chandeliers.
You’ll be able to see these wintergreens as well as the gilded domes with numerous rock carvings, arches, murals, ornate doors, and colorful mosaics.

The temple’s bell is 148 ft. tall and holds several massive bells audible up to a 10-mile radius. Marvel at this luxurious imperial thrones, murals of Tsar Ferdinand as well as Queen Eleanor, and a grandiose pulpit that adorn the interior.

The palace is one of the noteworthy landmarks located near the church. There is also this iconic Monument to the Unknown Soldier, the National Gallery of Foreign Art, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the Bulgarian parliament with a park dedicated to Ivan Vazov and other markets surrounding the city.

You are welcome here if you are interested to attend masses or some of these Orthodox chants.


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