The Le Cercueil tavern was opened to the public last 1974 after “The Exorcist” was released.

This place is renowned for its choice in decoration and atmosphere. In the dim red lamps, you’ll see that the walls are painted black, and decorated with horror tropes, flower wreaths, and painted with graveyards you’ll find at funerals. The tavern itself is filled coffins and skulls, making it more like a cemetery than a bar.

Le Cercueil photoPhoto by elPadawan

The decoration, featuring dark reapers and skeletons, creates a feeling of horror. Besides the elaborate furnishings, the beverage menu is quite original as well. Drinks can be categorized into three groups: beer, alcoholic cocktails, and “something else”. Here, you can have your choice of corpse juice, vampire blood, and even the devil’s sperm. You also get a free mixed drink after you have your fifth shot.

Le Cercueil photoPhoto by elPadawan

It might seem that such an air would drive visitors away, but it’s exactly what makes the tavern popular. Usually, as tourists explore the beaten path off Brussels, they’ll be surprised to find the tavern crowded with men and women dressed in black suits and dresses, all yearning for a taste of the macabre.

There are no tables. Visitors are seated in coffins complete with their own personal skeletons.

Drinks are served in skulls. Not real ones, FYI. Just really massive mugs that look like skulls, though they do have ordinary glassware.

Le Cercueil is a very unique pub in Brussels. It’s just near the Grand Place.

You can indulge in your favorite beverage and enjoy décor and ambiance you won’t find anywhere else. The special drinks are served from 8 pm onward. Take note though, the pub only accepts cash. If you want, you can also have birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, and other events! So if ever you’re in Belgium, don’t forget to visit Le Cercueil!


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